Our design methodology is the result of years of experience and dedication to detail.


We always start a new project with an open mind. we love to listen to your ideas and learn from your expertise in order to understand how to increase the value of your business. No product is like another and to make it unique we take advantage of our early access to chips to provide you the newest  and more innovative solutions that can make your product truly outstanding.


No project can be delivered without solid evidence it sticks to the specifications and it will be robust and reliable. We work together with your team to define validation procedures and make sure the product fits your expectations.


Every project needs a plan so we start by helping you summarize constraints, ideas, and solutions ina comprehensive technical offer which will guide us through the journey of the product development. Wether the project is fully defined or is just a rough idea we help you lay out a plan with clear milestones and deliverables. Through our direct connections with Silicon vendors and distributors we also provide you with a very competitive BOM quotation that gives you even more competitive advantage. Since we know that things never truly stay the same we welcome diversions and plan changes quickly adapting to your needs but alway keeping our focus on the target.


Manufacturing a product can be like riding a rollercoaster and although we love strong emotions we know you prefer peace of mind. Our designs are Manufacturing and testing friendly and if you need volume production we can help design Automatic Test Equipment and tembedded self testing. 


We approach electronic design as a form of art and keep improving our workflow to give you fast and flawless execution. We work day by day with Eclipse, Yocto, Quartus, OrCad, DxDesigner and PADS but are experienced with almost any other tool that you may prefer. Our design lifecycle is completely under control through Teamforge, where we store our code, keep schedule under control, log bugs and store our knowledge. We love to adapt to your workflow as needed and are used to develop using your Approved Parts List so that our design will fit in your database without any additional effort.


Life is never easy and a product often requires some work also during its production life. We are at your disposal for any kind of customization and can also help you solve End Of Life and Lead Time issues looking for alternative drop in replacement, whenever possible. When a product is on the market it's also time to start thinking about its next iteration and we are always keen to suggest you the latest chips and software that will add value to your product.