One of our main strengths is system level architecture design.


We are proud to be Altera Design Solution Network Platinum partners. Our deep experience in custom IP design and system level integration allows us to provide you unmatched performance at the lowest cost even when the requirements are not feasible for any ASSP. Programmable logic is one of the most powerful tools we use to tailor your design to fit your needs providing at the same time enormous flexibility to accomodate any future requirement.


When you're tired of wires we have the solution you're looking for. We have been developing with NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and custom ISM band protocols on very low power microcontrollers up to full fledged android based systems. When you need more flexibility we're ready to support you with gnuRadio based systems, developing for you custom modulators/demodulators or even fully custom FPGA based systems.

Video and Multimedia

Video and Multimedia designs are our historical expertise. We developed namely any kind of product requiring video processing, from consumer TV sets to broadcast monitors, from personal video players to high end vision systems. Proudly a NXP Proven Partner we have strong expertise on i.MX SoC family which we have designed in all kinds of multimedia products. Whether the design requires using dedicated niche market SoCs, ASSPs or FPGAs, we have the solution you're looking for.


Every modern project requires careful design of the power network to maximize battery life, reduce thermal dissipation and ensure proper power delivery to demanding components. We consider power distribution and integrity as well as power management and efficiency as a fundamental component for our designs in order to improve thermal profile and signal integrity at high speeds.


We have been designing systems with processors that range from the smallest microcontroller to the most complex multicore ARM CPU and we use this experience to help you chose the best platform for your project as well as select the software stack that best suits your needs. We can design software at any level, from bare metal to Linux and Android and are prepared to develop for you all the needed drivers and yocto based BSPs.

High speed

We master high speed technologies whether is DDR memories or multi gigabit transmission standards such as PCIe, 40 GBe, Displayport, HDMI, USB3 etc.