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SmartTool is a very compact NFC enabled microcontroller board with a 2 module wall socket form factor specifically. The addition of optional WiFi or BT modules makes the board ideal for home automation and IoT applications.

The board has been originally designed by ipTronix and financed by Arrow and NXP with the intent of spreading use of NFC technology and for this purpose a range of "production ready" applications have been developed to allow people to quickly get to a working prototype.

The software is based on FreeRTOS kernel and an embedded port of LibNFC and LibFreefare which provide a solid infrastructure for standards based communication with tags and cell phones. Demo applications include card emulation, card reader, vending machine, authentication, data exchange with cell phone (with card emulation)

The project is completely open source and although was initially released only to customers buying the board, now it has been publicly released in full on github.

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