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About us

Founded in 2001, ipTronix inherits 12 years experience in software programming and hardware design of skilled engineers. Our flexible structure of in-house and freelance designers along with our partner network can dynamically scale as required to suit the technical and staffing needs of any project.


Our Mission

We have the ambition to ride the wave of technology and be the first in dealing with new products, long before these reach the market, to develop the skills required to provide our customers a smooth, fast and risk free road to production.

Always growing our partnerships with leading silicon vendors and distributors, we help supporting new products by creating production ready reference designs, BSPs and SDKs which focus on time to market and usability.


Since foundation in 2001 we've been partnering with leading silicon vendors, working on complementing new products Swith outstanding reference designs, software development kits and providing support to early customers.

Since our partnership with Pixelworks we've been used to work on large scale projects for the consumer market at the highest quality standards developing the European TV SDK and supporting customers such as Philips, Thomson, Conrac, Liteon, Dell, Daewoo, Sim2, Vestel and Beko.

From the very beginning of our story we've been working with FPGAs of any size and vendor, but the great teamwork we built with Altera, now part of Intel, led us to become Platinum Partners after we have been successfully designing in projects for customers such as Datalogic, Eizo, Albiral, Cobo, and many more. 

Since our belief is that modern systems can't be designed without proper balancing betwen hardware and software, we've been pushing the limits of complex System on Chip devices such as Freescale's (now NXP) iMX product line, developing reference designs and System on Modules for our partners.

Our main skills have always been concentrated on video processing, which led us to master high speed busses and data processing, pushing integration and complexity to the limits, hence the natural evolution to radio transmission, which we mastered developing with ISM, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and even developing custom Software Defined Radios.

Thanks to our strong collaboration with Arrow and EBV we've been developing reference designs and have been in direct contact with silicon vendors to provide application support to major Italian and European customers.

Today we keep investing in mastering new technologies to provide our customers the best solutions to create outstanding products.


If you think you like what we do, love technology and are not scared by challenges, contact us. We keep expanding our team constantly to help sustain the growing demands from our customers.