Cookies are small text les that are sent to the client device (PC, tablet, ecc.) when you visit a website. The cookies are resent to the website from which they originated in each subsequent visit to that site, or may also be sent to a different website that is able to recognise the speci c cookie. Cookies act as a memory store for the website, allowing it to recognise your device at each visit that you make to the site.


Technical cookies These have the sole purpose of "transmitting information that is essential for a service provider to carry out the service offered" (art. 122, I, Italian privacy regulations). They can be classi ed in two groups, session and navigation cookies, which guarantee normal navigation and use of the website (allowing users, for instance, to make purchases or log in to access reserved areas). Technical session cookies are temporary for the time that you are connected to the website and are erased automatically when you close your navigation session. The information contained in the cookies are of a technical nature only and are neither stored, nor accessible to the website's personnel. Analytical cookies These are used directly by the website administrator to gather general information on the number of site visitors and registered users, and how they use the site. They have a purely statistical aim. Cookie pro ling This is the use of persistent cookies to create pro les of a user's online activity in order to use targeted advertising based on the user's personal navigation habits. Persistent cookies Persistent cookies have a longer life span, and remain active until your browser is closed. They are often used to allow the website to remember user settings and preferences. Third-party cookies These are cookies originating from a domain other than the one you are visiting, set up by a third party through the website.


This website uses session technical cookies.