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Space4UXO (SPACE For Unexploded Ordnance)

Innovative solution to provide high techsupport for the discovery and disposal of unexploded ordnance for humanitary missions and civil engineering in post bellic areas. The project is co-financed by Italian Space Agency and is contributed by NAIS, Strago and ipTronix which will take advantage of COSMO SkyMed and aircraft based radar imaging systems to identify and precisely locate dangerous unexploded ordnance in surveyed areas. Check project's web site for more information.
(Log)istics (I)nnovative (Co)ordination (S)uite.

A co-funded project by Sviluppo Lazio the regional agency for the economic and industrial development in partnership with Technosky and NAIS. This project aims to design a new generation of ICT platform to provide a suite of services to logistics operations. It will enable the logistics operations through the integration of different HW and SW components, involved in the complex logistics services oriented to the management and maintenance of technological assets. The core of the platform…
GNSS Indoor Coverage

ipTronix and Nextant have been collaborating on an indoor positioning system based on GPS signal regeneration. IpTronix contribution to the project, partially funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI), has been the development and manufacturing of a low cost GPS signal synthesizer that synchronizes with signal broadcast by satellites and reproduces it indoors simulating proper position in a given area. This cell based system allows discrete positioning in indoor applications using standard GPS…